The Health Protocol.

Get Healthcare with Crypto

A blockchain company for the health and well-being of its community – we merge blockchain with the healthcare industry to uncouple access to health insurance from employers and to reduce rising out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Healthy People, Healthy Finances


A Value Network of Health Benefits

Health Savings For All

A vehicle for addressing out-of-pocket health expenditures and access to health benefits, without the need for an employer offering a savings account.

Membership Tiers

Hippocrates Healthcare Membership will come in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which will give access to a value network of services and resources to support health and wellness, similar to any traditional employer-sponsored healthcare plan.

DeFi Services

The HIPP governance token will provide access to staking and other DeFi services to make healthcare expenses and membership within the Hippocrates ecosystem more affordable and accessible.

Mobile & Web Platform “Coming Soon”

Access your Health Crypto Account, track healthcares expenses, access health records, browse educational materials and participate in a variety of DeFi opportunities to manage finances with an easy to use and understand dashboard for your health and wellness journey.


Community members will be able to access health benefits initially through offerings by network partners. However, once a robust community is established, the launch of the Hippocrates Cross and Shield entity will commence to provide greater latitude to accommodate the needs of the community.

Network of Partnerships

Target institutions or services for the value network will include pharmacies, academic medical centres, preventative care and community health centres, urgent care centres, telemedicine, mental health,
physical fitness, rehab, massage therapy, and mindfulness centres.

Web3 – Metaverse

Virtual healthcare environments and conference venues for the healthcare industry. By opening these options virtually,
the goal is to encourage more participation globally, as well as transparency by encouraging attendance and interaction on a mass scale


A Foundation For Disruption

HHG will launch the Hippocrates Blockchain Project as an open source endeavor powered by its native HIPP token. Plausible paradigms will be entertained in an effort to achieve the goal of an open source GDP- and HIPAA-compliant smart contract and decentralized application platform that will unleash creativity in the healthcare and life sciences arena. We currently envision that the Hippocrates Blockchain Project will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization wherein stakeholders can make meaningful contributions and vote on the direction of the project via a governance token that HHG will offer stakeholders interested in participating in the project.


In an effort to maintain pricing stability for our healthcare ecosystem, we will look to create a stable coin leveraged by diversified collateral.


Project Name:



Hippocrates (Abbrev HIPP)



Total Supply:

200 Million

For all tokens oustide of the public lauch there will be a vesting schedule over a 48-month period. Twenty-five percent (25%) of such coins shall vest at the end of the first 12 months, and the remaining seventy-five percent (75%) of such coins shall vest in equal amounts monthly over the remaining 36 months.


Phase One

App partner selected
Social Media channels established
Seed round

Phase Two

Marketing team selected
Marketing phase 1
Partnership development
Social Media channels established
Private sale opens

Phase Three

Smart contract launched
Public IDO opens

Phase Four

App development begins
App beta released
Health Crypto Account and Health
Crypto Card available for users
Staking within platform
Hippocrates Health Membership
NFT is available for members
Joint ventures and acquisitions

Our Team

Our team consists of the best talents

Uche Sampson

Founder & Ceo

Uche Sampson is an entrepreneur with a diverse skillset that stems from a unique life background and professional experiences in ... Read More

Eiman Jahangir

Co-founder & Coo

Eiman Jahangir is a physician and entrepreneur who has worked in various areas of health care, academia, industry and online media. ... Read More

Kunle Abidoye

Kunle Abidoye has been a serial entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years in industries ranging from Consumer Packaged Goods, ... Read More

Jonathan Gelfand

Jonathan, MPH, MBA is the SVP, Solutions Consulting for meQuilibrium, a clinically validated resilience SAAS platform leveraging ... Read More

Jay Huffman

As the CEO of Integral App Studio and Integral Blockchain Studio, Jay brings high ticket strategic partnership solutions to the most ... Read More

Richard Coburn

Richard brings over 10 years of experience in Business Development, Strategy, and Operations. As the COO of Integral App Studio, ... Read More

Sarah Marchica

Sarah combined her 20 years of professional writing experience with the Web3 world and has served as a consultant for multiple blockchain projects and operated her own content team. Active in the NFT community, she is an Elite Neo Tokyo Citizen and writer for the Neo Tokyo News covering everything from breaking stories to in depth founder interviews. As the Managing Editor for Integral App Studio, Sarah brings her experience to select projects, always committed to ensuring they are represented with professional and polished content. ... Read More